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Right Now Show Episode 16: The Fat and Proud Project

fatandproudJLDIn episode 16 of the Right Now Show we discuss the Size Diversity Task Force’s New “Fat and Proud” project.  We also talk about why The Fat Chick has chosen to reclaim the word “fat” and how we can use that word to describe but not to define us as people.  Enjoy!

You can learn more about why Jeanette calls herself The Fat Chick on her website here:

You can learn more about the Fat and Proud project and download the page templates on the Size Diversity Task Force Web page here:

Learn more about the Size Diversity Task Force here:

Read a fascinating discussion about how one organization is coping with the word “fat” on Ragen Chastain’s awesome blog right here:

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The Fat Chick

The Right Now Show 013: Finding the Right Fitness Trainer

In this episode, Jeanette DePatie AKA The Fat Chick shares some information about finding the right fitness teacher or trainer.  She shares a personal story about a really disastrous bout with a personal trainer and gives you practical tips for finding a personal trainer that is just right for you!

By the way, Jeanette also offers personal training both in person and remotely (via Skype).  You can learn more on her website right here: http://www.thefatchick.com/The_Fat_Chick/Training.html

If you sign up right away, you can try any of my monthly training packages for only $25.  That’s nearly $100 off my most comprehensive plan!  So don’t wait.


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My “Soap Box”–The Right Now Show: Episode 011

  In this episode I offer a bit of perspective on the controversy surrounding the videos recently released by Dove.  This episode also features a special treat–a poem composed and performed by The Fat Chick her own self!

For Additional Discussion:

Here’s the original video by Dove.

Here’s a brand new column in the LA Times about the ads.

A great piece by Golda Poretsky on this same topic:

HuffPo Asks, Social Science Experiment or Brilliant Marketing Ploy?

A scandal erupts when a Craigslist ad for a previous Real Women project is made public:

A fun parody with men in the starring roles this time:

Right Now Show Episode 010: Craving the 2K Cookie

Many of us have been taught that cravings are something to be thwarted, ignored or denied.  But our bodies have a way of insisting on getting what they want.  In this video you will learn about why it’s so important to pay attention to cravings, what happens when you ignore cravings and the very simplest and most effective way to deal with cravings.  You’ll also learn about the 2,000 calorie cookie, so check it out!

Intuitive eating can be extremely challenging.  But there is help out there.  Here are a few important resources:

The Fat Nutritionist

Ellyn Satter (especially in the area of family nutrition)

HAES(R) research about eating

And the amazing Golda Portetsky

Hope you get a chance to be good to yourself and treat your body well, right now!


The Fat Chick

The Right Now Show Episode 006: Exercise and Chronic Pain

In Episode 6 of the Right Now Show, we address a viewer inquiry about exercising with chronic pain or disability.  We discuss strategies for exercising with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other sources of chronic pain, discuss the traffic light method for rating pain conditions and discuss techniques for getting the most out of your workouts.

Here are some other important resources for exercising with chronic pain:

This week I’m offering a special FREE BONUS VIDEO with additional information on exercising with chronic pain.

Here’s an extended (1 hr.) interview with me and Pain Specialist Dr. Paul Christo talking about coping with plus-sized exercise and chronic pain:

Here are some studies about the effects of exercise on chronic pain:

And here’s an extremely informative article about chronic pain and exercise technique:

Right Now Show Episode 005: The Big Fat Cookie Cycle

In Episode 005 of the Right Now Show, we explore the cycle of dieting, deprivation and desperation that I have dubbed “The Big Fat Cookie Cycle”.  Learn a few reasons why dieting typically fails and why the Health At Every Size(R) approach seems to be so much more successful.

Here are some important references offering more information on Health At Every Size:

The Fat Chick Works Out! Book and DVD

The Association for Size Diversity and Health

Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight

Big Fat Stats

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Thanks so much!

AKA The Fat Chick

The Right Now! Show: On the Size Diversity Task Force

This week on episode 2 of “The Right Now Show with Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) I’ll be talking about a fabulous activism project created by the Size Diversity Task Force (of which I am a proud member).  The Size Diversity Task Force is asking folks to “liberate” diet books from thrift shops and rummage sales and donate the pages to the SDTF.  The group will then take the pages and use them to create a world-record breaking paper-mache sculpture!  You can learn more about it here:

Oh and if you’d like to win extra special bonus points and save the planet while you’re liberating diet books, check out this video created by Julianne Wotasik and Ragen Chastain:

I had so much fun working on this trailer.  And I liberated over 1,500 pages for the cause just in one day!  It was easy!  Thanks so much for your interest in the show.  Remember, I’m collecting ideas for future shows so drop me an email at jeanette at thefatchick dot com to let me know what you’d like me to talk about.

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Jeanette DePatie
AKA The Fat Chick

P.S. Tonight I’ll also be doing a Teleseminar with Anne Cuthbert.  You can sign up for free right HERE! I’ll be speaking at 5:00 PM (PST) and I can’t wait to take your questions about how to set up fitness resolutions that won’t leave you sad, sick, injured or dead!

Thursday Theater: Presenting Right Now (With Me!)

Hi everybody! I’m so excited to present the very first episode of my new web show “Right Now! With Jeanette DePatie AKA The Fat Chick”.  Hope you like it. If you’ve got some specific topics you’d like me to cover in the show, I’d love to hear them. And if you are willing to be interviewed for the show (via my super handy skype cam) I’d love to have you on! Just comment below or send an email to jeanette@thefatchick.com.

I also feel it necessary to talk about a few of the other incredibly awesome things we’ve got going on! First of all, on the Fit Fatties Forum, we’re still going strong with our Fit Fatties Across America project. In less than 2 weeks we’ve gone from New York City to Topeka, Kansas! Can you believe it? Don’t forget to enter your minutes or miles HERE by noon on Fit Fatties Fridays. Then check back after 5PM to see just how far we all have gone.

Next, I wanted to let you know that I will be presenting a teleseminar next week Tuesday evening at 5PM PST (8 PM EST).  I’ll be talking about setting safe, reasonable and fun New Years resolutions for fitness.  Click HERE to register.  There are limited slots and we’ve got a whole lot of people already registered.  So go on over there and register right away!

Finally, I wanted to remind you that Paper Mâché in a Big, Big Way is still going strong. We’d love for you to “liberate” diet books from thrift stores and resale shops (so no more money goes to the diet industry) and send them to us so we can use them to make the world’s largest paper Mâché sculpture. Or if you’d prefer, you can donate money and we will liberate the books for you! I know. There’s just so much awesome here, it can hardly be contained!

So hop to it my little Chicklettes.  Let’s get going, right NOW!

The Fat Chick