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A Fatty Affair 2013 was Off the Hook!

If, like me, you were privileged enough to go to A Fatty Affair last weekend, I imagine you are still basking in the afterglow of what can only be called a massively cool rad fatty event.  If you didn’t get to go, I’m sorry.  But you can still view the clip above to get an idea of just how much awesome and win was experienced by all.

There was singing and dancing.  There was talk about sex.  There was home-baked yummy desserts.  There were hula hoops.  There were butt bounces.  There was laughing and playing and more fabulous clothes for swapping than you can even imagine.

Kudos go out to Sarah Redman and her entire planning committee for creating such an uplifting, warm and positive event.  I can’t wait for next year!  Thankfully, Sarah has informed  us that they plan on doing even more events in the coming year.  If you want to stay on top of all the stuff this great group is cooking up, check out their web site.

This weekend reminded me once again, just how powerful community can be.  I think at one time or another all of us feel like we are all alone in our journey towards self acceptance.  But there’s no reason to go it alone.  In addition to the Fatty Affair folks, there’s the Size Diversity Task Force (who has already collected over 15,000 pages towards the Paper Mache in a Big, Big Way project), ASDAH, The Fat Chick Clique and The Fit Fatties Forum (who have reached the Rockies in their jaunt across the USA).  Don’t worry if one particular group is too far away or doesn’t fit your style.  There are amazing size acceptance groups everywhere!  So don’t try to do it all by yourself.  Share or be square!


The Fat Chick

Thursday Theater: Presenting Right Now (With Me!)

Hi everybody! I’m so excited to present the very first episode of my new web show “Right Now! With Jeanette DePatie AKA The Fat Chick”.  Hope you like it. If you’ve got some specific topics you’d like me to cover in the show, I’d love to hear them. And if you are willing to be interviewed for the show (via my super handy skype cam) I’d love to have you on! Just comment below or send an email to jeanette@thefatchick.com.

I also feel it necessary to talk about a few of the other incredibly awesome things we’ve got going on! First of all, on the Fit Fatties Forum, we’re still going strong with our Fit Fatties Across America project. In less than 2 weeks we’ve gone from New York City to Topeka, Kansas! Can you believe it? Don’t forget to enter your minutes or miles HERE by noon on Fit Fatties Fridays. Then check back after 5PM to see just how far we all have gone.

Next, I wanted to let you know that I will be presenting a teleseminar next week Tuesday evening at 5PM PST (8 PM EST).  I’ll be talking about setting safe, reasonable and fun New Years resolutions for fitness.  Click HERE to register.  There are limited slots and we’ve got a whole lot of people already registered.  So go on over there and register right away!

Finally, I wanted to remind you that Paper Mâché in a Big, Big Way is still going strong. We’d love for you to “liberate” diet books from thrift stores and resale shops (so no more money goes to the diet industry) and send them to us so we can use them to make the world’s largest paper Mâché sculpture. Or if you’d prefer, you can donate money and we will liberate the books for you! I know. There’s just so much awesome here, it can hardly be contained!

So hop to it my little Chicklettes.  Let’s get going, right NOW!

The Fat Chick