A long awaited PADS Saturday

It’s been more than a little while since I’ve posted.  But I saw this fellow and got INSPIRED.  Now this is fabulous PADS.  Wondering what PADS means?  It stands for


Acts of



I love the fact that this dude is just totally jamming out for the fun of it.  He’s no movie star.  He’s just an average guy having a hell of a good time.  He’s obviously willing to put any insecurity he may feel about his body aside.  He is totally committed.  And I love that.

And lest  you be tempted to not watch this piece of awesomeness all the way to the end, let me warn you that he totally sticks the landing.  The ending is priceless.

I love the fact that the crowd gets in on his infectious sense of fun.  In a world where it seems so many are ganging up to cause hurt and build anger and institute violence, it’s good to know some people still can gang up to just have fun.


Jeanette DePatie AKA, The Fat Chick


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