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Thursday Theater: Pets Help Keep Us Fit

While not all pets are as “talented” as the one pictured in this video, it is clear that pets (especially dogs) help us to keep fit. It is difficult to find a more willing, available and awesome exercise partner than my fabulous dog, Max. He’s definitely getting a little grey about the muzzle and long in the tooth. But all I have to do is say the word “walk” and he nearly loses his little doggy mind with excitement. In fact, we use the phrase, “start the countdown” in our household to indicate the microscopic amount of time between saying the word “walk” and Max going crazy. So it’s pretty typical for my husband and I to ask each other questions like, “Got the leash? Got your keys? Are we ready to start the countdown?” We’ve learned to do this because it’s pretty hard to put on a coat and seek earnestly for your keys when you have a critter pulling on the leash and generally causing absolute mayhem in his urgency to get OUTSIDE.

Maybe we could all learn something from Max. Wouldn’t it be great if we all felt that level of excitement over exercise? Even when we’re older and our hips don’t work so well, regardless of the weather and what else is on our schedule, wouldn’t it be great to feel that worked up about working out? All I can say is, I’m working on it.

The Fat Chick

Love and Marriage, Size XXL

Celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary with the most amazing man in the world yesterday!  What a lucky, lucky duck I am.   All together I have spent over 25 years and more than half my life with this super awesome guy. Color me completely and totally grateful.

Now why am I telling you about this? Well one reason I’m telling you about it is that I AM grateful, and I want the whole world to know that.  But the other reason I’m telling you is to remind you that a lifetime of love with a fabulous partner is possible at any size.  I’d call it “Love At Every Size”, except for the somewhat unfortunate acronym generated by that title.  Let’s just say that sex, love, marriage, kids and the whole 9 yards are possible even if you aren’t a size 2.

Finding this out was a very important part of my journey to loving the skin I’m in.  As a young person, a lot of my frantic dieting was driven by panic.  I was terrified that, as a person of size, I wouldn’t or couldn’t find someone to love me.  And even after meeting and falling in love with and marrying the “best man in the whole wide world” I was terrified that he would wake up one day, realize that I’m fat and leave me.

So I’m sharing  this with you as a reminder.  You can find the best partner in the world and even keep that person in your life even if you’re fat.  And whether you are ten pounds over what society calls your “ideal weight” or several hundred, there’s someone out there for you.  Yeah, I know you may have dated a few duds.  Honey, it happens to all of us.  But according to the US Census Bureau, the world has a population of over 7 billion people.  That’s billion with a “b”.  So you met a few potential partners that are less than ideal.  Maybe you’ve dated a baker’s dozen.  So what?  That’s 13 down, and 6,999,999,987 to go.

We need to teach this to our kids and share it with the world “at large”.  Your ability to find, give and receive love is not dependent on your BMI.  And there’s someone out there for every BODY.


The Fat Chick