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Time for a Little Self Care

Coming off a very busy week after an incredibly busy weekend hosting the first annual Fat Activism Conference.  Over 30 hours of content with over 40 speakers in 3 days!  Followed by two days this week of meetings and proposals and general running around regarding the next projects to come down the pike.  I’m so excited!  But…

But I’m continually surprised by how long I really need to recover from some of these things.  Sure, I took a day off after a very intense weekend like I had.  I knew I’d be tired for at least a day.  But after age 40 after going like crazy for a week and not really getting any good sleep, I kinda have to remember that one day of resting up just might not do the trick.

At the end of yesterday’s meetings and running around, I found myself spent.  Like eat a PB&J for supper and sleep in my clothes spent.  And I’ve decided that today, I would finally listen to the messages my body is screaming at me and take a little break.

Maybe I will get a massage.  Maybe I’ll fit in some time for meditation or maybe just a nap.  For sure I’m going to take time to find myself something wonderful to eat–something that nourishes my body and my soul.  Because helping to change the world, even a little tiny bit, is a whole lot of work.  And we have to remember that caring for others requires that we have energy.  And having energy means that we have to have time and space for self care.

It’s like the old adage about the airplane oxygen mask.  Make sure your mask is secure before you start helping other people with them.  It’s not about being selfish.  It’s about understanding that your effectiveness to help may be severely diminished if you are flopped over on the seat, gasping for air like a fish.

I am incredibly inspired by the speakers I heard this past weekend.  I feel more motivated than ever to do the work that needs to be done to make the world a safer and better place for people of all races, ages, shapes, sizes, types and abilities.  But this work will not be done in a day or a week.  It won’t even be done in a year or a decade.  So I’m going to stare at puppies and take a long nap.  I’m going to eat something fabulous and listen to awesome music and dance in my undies.  I am going to do what I need to do to rebuild my energy and gird my loins.  So I am once again ready to fight the good fight.


Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick)

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On Doggie Diversity

frenchiemirror copyIt’s always amazing to me, just how hard it is for people to wrap their heads around size diversity.  They readily accept that some people are tall and some people are short.  They accept that some people are good at math and some people can sing.  They understand that we come with different eye colors and different hair colors and textures and have different shoe sizes.  But when it comes to clothing sizes, when it comes to body composition–there is one size to rule them all.  And that size is small.

Why, oh why is it so hard to accept that there will be diversity in body weight and shape as well as height and color?  Some dogs are greyhounds.

GreyhoundSome dogs are pit bulls.

pitbullGreyhounds are not better than pit bulls.  They aren’t healthier.  In fact, pit bills on average live longer than greyhounds do.

No matter how much a pit bull diets, it will not be a greyhound.  It will just be a very, very thin pit bull.  The very thin pit bull will not be morally superior to other pit bulls.  It will not be healthier than other pit bulls.  In fact, it will probably be pretty sickly compared to other pit bulls and unless it is fed enough food, it will die of malnutrition and starvation.

And frankly, the notion that extremely svelte pit bulls look better in designer clothes is just a myth:


Frankly, tiaras are for dogs of every breed:


The reality is that the world is a place of wondrous diversity.  We come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types.  And that diversity is awesome.  It makes life interesting.  It helps us survive as a species.

doggydiversitySo instead of disparaging people who look a little different, let’s celebrate our diversity!  Then we can all run and frolic and play nice together.


The Fat Chick

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Take Yourself for a Walk


When the amazing and wonderful Velvet D’Amour asked me to come up with a workout for her new issue of Volup.2 she said that the theme was “simplicity”.  It really didn’t take long for me to come up with the workout plan.  I decided on walking–one of the safest, simplest and cheapest workouts in the world.  Once again, I retained the photography talents of Kelly Varner–one of the very best photographers I know, and we went out to create a photo essay on the joys of walking.  You can see the results HERE.

There are as many wonderful workouts in the world as there are people.  But whenever I’m helping somebody who is stuck, who isn’t sure where to start, I suggest they put on their sneakers, grab the leash and the dog or the hand of their sweetheart and simply go for a walk.  Naturally, I’m partial to walking outside, but if the weather is truly wretched, the mall will do.  I can’t say I’m a big treadmill fan–the thing makes me feel like a giant gerbil.  But some people really love working out with the treadmill.  To which I say–to each his own.

There is something so local and gentle and simple about going for a walk around the neighborhood with your friend, hand in hand with your lover or even all by your self.  Walking is gentle enough to allow for conversation or contemplation.  Sometimes, when I walk by myself, I focus on the seasons and what is happening around me.  Sometimes when I walk by myself, I imagine sending positive and kind thoughts to people who live in the houses that I am passing.  And sometimes, I walk hand in hand with my husband without saying anything at all.  We just enjoy being together.

And if I don’t feel like walking alone and my friends and my husband are busy, I can always count on my handsome dog Max.  He loves to walk so much that he’s even figured out how to spell the word.  I used to be able to talk to my husband about taking Max for a w-a-l-k.  But now, even if I spell it, Max is completely insane with excitement, whining at the door where we keep his leash and ready–always ready to go.

So, I’d like to invite you to find just a little time for a little stroll this week.  Don’t worry about counting steps, or calculating calories burned or miles accumulated.  Just lace up your sneakers and step out for your little fix of joy.  I promise it will be worth it.


The Fat Chick

Thursday Theater: Pets Help Keep Us Fit

While not all pets are as “talented” as the one pictured in this video, it is clear that pets (especially dogs) help us to keep fit. It is difficult to find a more willing, available and awesome exercise partner than my fabulous dog, Max. He’s definitely getting a little grey about the muzzle and long in the tooth. But all I have to do is say the word “walk” and he nearly loses his little doggy mind with excitement. In fact, we use the phrase, “start the countdown” in our household to indicate the microscopic amount of time between saying the word “walk” and Max going crazy. So it’s pretty typical for my husband and I to ask each other questions like, “Got the leash? Got your keys? Are we ready to start the countdown?” We’ve learned to do this because it’s pretty hard to put on a coat and seek earnestly for your keys when you have a critter pulling on the leash and generally causing absolute mayhem in his urgency to get OUTSIDE.

Maybe we could all learn something from Max. Wouldn’t it be great if we all felt that level of excitement over exercise? Even when we’re older and our hips don’t work so well, regardless of the weather and what else is on our schedule, wouldn’t it be great to feel that worked up about working out? All I can say is, I’m working on it.

The Fat Chick