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Nekkid–the Joys of being Nude.


So, a number of things in the universe are conspiring to make me think about the joys of being in the altogether.  There’s my post last Friday about the drama surrounding Lululemon’s $100 yoga pants.  And then there’s the latest issue of Volup2 called naked which has so many wonderful completely NSFW pictures in it, you just can’t even believe it.  I’m warning you, even the cover is NSFW, but here’s a link if you’re interested. There’s even an interview in there with me HERE, but lest I be accused of false advertising, I have to admit that the accompanying photo features me completely clothed.  There are also articles featuring Substantia Jones and Leonard Nemoy so you may want to check it out!


There is something so joyful and freeing about being naked.  There’s nothing quite like the delicious thrill that comes from skinny dipping or fatty dipping as Nearsighted Owl calls it.  And unlike $100  yoga pants, being nude doesn’t cost a penny.  (Well unless you’re arrested for indecent exposure–pick your time and place, kids!)  One of the best pieces of advice I heard in learning to accept our bodies is that we just need to spend more time per day with our clothes off.  This is not necessarily about sex.  (Although more sex and better sex can be a consequence of spending more time in your birthday suit.)  This is simply about learning to be more comfortable in the skin you’re in.

The more I think about this, the more I think it’s a super interesting and cool idea.  In fact, I’d like to issue a challenge!  As you know, with all challenges I advocate starting with just a few minutes and moving up from there.  So to start, I’d like to suggest that we all spend 5 minutes per day outside of the bath or shower completely starkers.  You can go to bed naked.  You can do your makeup and dry your hair while naked.  You can vacuum your house or do the dishes naked.  Be creative!

If you’re looking for more (decidedly fully naked and NSFW) inspiration you could check out the most amazing Adipositivity site or the Nu Project or this totally delightful video showing Amanda Palmer’s response to the Daily Mail who decided to spend an entire “review” of her concert talking about her “wardrobe malfunction” rather than her music or her performance.

And as always, I’d love to hear from you.  First of all, do you think The Fat Chick has simply gone off her rocker or do you think this might be a good idea?  Are you already a confirmed at home nudist?  If so, how did you come to be that way.  Are you terrified to even try this experiment?  And if you do try it, I’d love to hear about how it went!  Did you learn something new about yourself?  Did you find yourself feeling more comfortable with the idea of not wearing clothes every minute of the day?  Did you get surprised by the UPS guy at the door?  Hit the comments section and let us know!


The Fat Chick

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Take Yourself for a Walk


When the amazing and wonderful Velvet D’Amour asked me to come up with a workout for her new issue of Volup.2 she said that the theme was “simplicity”.  It really didn’t take long for me to come up with the workout plan.  I decided on walking–one of the safest, simplest and cheapest workouts in the world.  Once again, I retained the photography talents of Kelly Varner–one of the very best photographers I know, and we went out to create a photo essay on the joys of walking.  You can see the results HERE.

There are as many wonderful workouts in the world as there are people.  But whenever I’m helping somebody who is stuck, who isn’t sure where to start, I suggest they put on their sneakers, grab the leash and the dog or the hand of their sweetheart and simply go for a walk.  Naturally, I’m partial to walking outside, but if the weather is truly wretched, the mall will do.  I can’t say I’m a big treadmill fan–the thing makes me feel like a giant gerbil.  But some people really love working out with the treadmill.  To which I say–to each his own.

There is something so local and gentle and simple about going for a walk around the neighborhood with your friend, hand in hand with your lover or even all by your self.  Walking is gentle enough to allow for conversation or contemplation.  Sometimes, when I walk by myself, I focus on the seasons and what is happening around me.  Sometimes when I walk by myself, I imagine sending positive and kind thoughts to people who live in the houses that I am passing.  And sometimes, I walk hand in hand with my husband without saying anything at all.  We just enjoy being together.

And if I don’t feel like walking alone and my friends and my husband are busy, I can always count on my handsome dog Max.  He loves to walk so much that he’s even figured out how to spell the word.  I used to be able to talk to my husband about taking Max for a w-a-l-k.  But now, even if I spell it, Max is completely insane with excitement, whining at the door where we keep his leash and ready–always ready to go.

So, I’d like to invite you to find just a little time for a little stroll this week.  Don’t worry about counting steps, or calculating calories burned or miles accumulated.  Just lace up your sneakers and step out for your little fix of joy.  I promise it will be worth it.


The Fat Chick

When Life Gives You Lemons–Work Out!

The Fat Chick now appearing in the fall issue of Volup2 in English and French. C’est chic, non?

Hello my little Chicklettes or mes petits poussins as the case may be. I’m so excited to share with you my first fashion magazine appearance in the ever so very awesome VOL.UP.2 with Velvet D’Amour! Truthfully this was so much fun. First, shopping for props with my super awesome husband. Next the photo shoot with the incredibly talented Kelly Varner.  And finally the final product. I’m so excited to share this with you!

I’m also pleased that this spread captures what I really believe. I do think that you can work out anywhere without fancy equipment. I think exercise should be fun. I don’t think you should take yourself too seriously. And I think when life hands you lemons, you should make a workout!  And never miss an opportunity to go to the beach.

Speaking of the beach, if you’re in the LA area, you’re in for a real treat this coming weekend.  On Saturday, September 29, local size-diversity activists are hosting Take Back the Beach in Huntington Beach.  Join us for this free, fun, joyful event including a “flesh mob” led by the amazing Ragen Chastain and an LA beach version of a Hot Flash Mob with the Menopause Mambo.  Click here to learn the dance!  I hope you can come.  But those of you who are far away (even in Paris) can always join in vicariously via the photos and videos I’ll surely be posting!

So my little chicklettes, in closing I’d like to state, life is a beach!  So you might as well don your swimsuits, grab a towel and soak up a little sun.


The Fat Chick