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Thursday Theater: S’wonderful Life!


Recently a dear friend of mine sent me a holiday card that he created using JibJab.  It’s a fun and very brief synopsis of one of my very favorite holiday movies, It’s a Wonderful Life.  But in my friend’s version I get to play a starring role!  (Still waiting for my residuals and my listing on imdb.com though…)  To check out the video, check HERE.

Now this is one of those movies that makes me cry every single time I watch it.  Even this very short and funny parody reminds me of my usual state when Zuzu’s bell rings–with either three hankies or one whole box of tissues wringing wet from my soppy response.

We all have our George Bailey moments.  We wind up crying in our beer at Guiseppe Martini’s place and wishing we’d never been born.  But just for now, would you please allow me to play a different role in the movie?  Let me play Clarence.  Let me earn my wings as I tell you something important.

Even when you think you’ve screwed up, even when you think you don’t measure up, please remember that the world is a much better place with you in it.  Not because of how much money you’ve earned, not because you’ve finally reached that magic goal weight that you always wanted to attain, not because of how many sit ups you did or how you look in your skinny jeans, but just because of who you are.

You are like the stone dropping in the center of the pond.  You may make a tiny splash at first.  But in time, your kindness and intelligence and wisdom and strength ripple outwards and outwards and on and on.  You are probably aware of only a tiny fraction of the lives you’ve touched and the world you’ve made a better place.  Your awareness of your own awesomeness is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg–with over 80 percent of your fabulousity lying deep under the surface.

So let’s end the film together, shall we?  Let’s run through the streets, shouting like crazy people who are just happy to be alive.  Let’s imagine a holiday filled with loved ones who surround us and support us.  Let’s imagine a holiday where we understand that we are, in the ways that are important, the richest people in town.

Wait–what’s that?  Is that a bell I hear ringing?  ‘Scuse me while I grab another hanky.


The Fat Chick

Ripples on the Pond

At the Blogging Panel at the NAAFA Convention with some amaaazing ladies!

One of the things I loved past about this past weekend at the NAAFA convention was the blogging panel.  I shared the table with the authors of Dances With Fat and NotBlueAtAll and the fabulous moderator Julianne Wotasik.

And one of the common themes that came up again and again at the panel was the way that none of us, on the panel or in the audience, ever seemed to know ahead of time how we were able to impact other people.  It always seemed the small things, the innocuous things, the tossed off things that would find someone and change the way they felt about things.  And this held true when it came to blogging or even just an off handed compliment we paid a stranger or a moment of kindness that came at a critical moment.  You just never know how much you can help somebody just by doing your thing.

I was astonished to hear a story told by Ragen Chastain of Dances with Fat shared with the panel about the effect her blog had on a person of size who had contemplated suicide.  This woman had decided to use pills but wasn’t sure about the appropriate dosage for a woman of size.  This woman went on the internet and searched “fat suicide”.  It turns out that Ragen’s blog had had so much hate mail suggesting that fat people should commit suicide that Dances With Fat came up in the search engine.  The woman spent the entire night reading past blogs on Ragen’s site and in the morning decided to send Ragen an email explaining why her blog had helped her decide not to end her life.  Because Ragen had been so bullied in the comments section of her own blog, that woman is alive today.

So my little chicklettes, you don’t have to save the world.  You don’t have to write a best-selling novel or be a movie star.  Someone asked the panel how to help people find happiness and body acceptance earlier in their lives.  And the answer was this: just be yourself as hard and as completely as you can.  That’s it.  And you can make the world a better place for you and so many people around you.


The Fat Chick