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Asking for help.


If I’ve learned anything this week it’s this.  Ask for help.  Ask for it sooner rather than later.  Do NOT spend time exhausting every other option on the planet first.  Just ask for help.

I think a lot of my identity is tied up with the notion that I am self sufficient.  I can handle anything.  Like I’m some sort of hybrid of Bear Grylls and Macgyver.  Just set me down with a laptop, a sharp object and a roll of duct tape and I can HANDLE it.  But this self view sometimes really gets in my way.

This week I’ve had two moments where I finally broke down (often sobbing) and asked for help about technical stuff I just didn’t understand.  And both times, the person I asked was able to help me.  And both times the helper asked me, “Why didn’t you come to me sooner?”  This is a really good question.  My stubbornness.  My need to be smart and independent and RIGHT cost me untold hours of frustration that could have been avoided.

And  I think this is part of the reason why Ragen and I have created the Body Love Obstacle Course.  I mean of course, many of us can get to a place of loving our bodies on our own.   In many ways Ragen and I did just that.  But why go it alone when you don’t have to?  Why suffer untold hours of frustration?  Why not ask for help a little sooner?

I’m proud to say we’ve released the second of our free BLOC videos here:

Click Here to check out the video!

I hope you’ll take a minute, click the button and take a look.  It’s all about being grateful for the body you have right now.  You might have to opt in.  But I hope you will.  Because we’ll all get by with a little less stubbornness and a little help from our friends.



Jeanette DePatie

AKA The Fat Chick

The Right Now Show Episode 009: Finding Support!

In episode 009 of The Right Now Show Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) shares some tips for finding support in your journey towards loving the skin you’re in and assures you that you’ll get by with a little help from your friends!

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Thursday Theater: Sometimes You need a Boost

I’m having a busy/sleepy morning. And you know, sometimes it feels like I just can’t quite get there. Like I’m almost where I want to be, but I fall just a leeeetle bit short. Like the poor guy in the video above. I can see the goal. I can see what I want. But I just need to hold up and take a little rest.

But luckily, I can always rely on some help from my friends to get me the rest of the way there:

And I also like to believe that I help some of my friends to reach their goals. Sometimes I’m the turtle and sometimes I’m the baby sea lion. But it helps to remember that none of us gets where we need to go completely alone. Together we can move mountains. And hang in there, it’s almost Friday!

The Fat Chick

Stuff that Weigh(ed) More Than Me: The Beatles

In all of this week’s talking about helping one another, I found myself humming 2 different songs by The Beatles.  “I get by with a little help from my friends”  and “Help!” (see above).  Now you can’t even believe how much cyberspace is committed to arguing about how big or small these guys are.  I’ve seen people actually trying to compute the heights of various Beetles, by analyzing the number of bricks in a building standing next to them and doing advanced algorithmic equations based on the known heights of various amps and musical instruments.  All I can say is, some folks just got too much time on their hands.  (Warning: seriously scary time warp on the previous link…)

Anyways, here are the (not undisputed) stats:

Paul: 5′, 9.5″, 158 lbs.

John: 5′.8″ (Boot size, US Size 9, Waist 29″, Inseam (for white suit) 31″)  159 lbs.

George: 5′, 8″, 142 lbs.

Ringo: 5′, 6″, 136 lbs.

Total weight (at time of calculation) 626 lbs.

Conclusion: When last measured, The Beatles weighed more than me.

Exercise Animals: Getting a Little Lift


Okay my dear little chicklettes.  Sometimes it can be tough.  But it’s amazing how far we can fly when we help one another.  That is all.


The Fat Chick