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The Right Now Show Episode 009: Finding Support!

In episode 009 of The Right Now Show Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) shares some tips for finding support in your journey towards loving the skin you’re in and assures you that you’ll get by with a little help from your friends!

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Dealing with Diabetes: Episode 004 of the Right Now Show with Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick)

Are you coping with diabetes?  Is your doctor shaming you because of your weight?  Do you wish you had some body-positive advice for coping with this disease?  I’m pleased to share with you episode 004 of The Right Now Show. In this episode, I answer a viewer’s question about dealing with Type 2 diabetes. Tune in for helpful hints for taking a Health At Every Size (R) approach to coping with this challenging disease. I offer tips for integrating exercise (even when coping with chronic pain), managing stress, and how to keep loving the skin you’re in through it all.

There are more tips available about coping with diabetes in a special article I wrote for the Association for Size Diversity And Health available here.

And there’s a really fun music video I did with Ragen Chastain all about managing family boundaries during the holidays available HERE.

You can learn a lot more about The Fat Chick on my website.

And you can buy Jeanette’s progressive workout DVD (with that 10 minute beginning workout) on the shopping page or at Amazon.com HERE.

Thanks so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

The Fat Chick

Resting Quietly

Okay, so the laryngitis has not let up.  In fact it’s gotten worse.  I included the video above to both approximate the only sound I am capable of making right about now and to achieve the decibel level I wish I could (but absolutely cannot) currently reach.  My doctor and my Mom suggest that the best thing I can do to get better is to rest quietly.  To which I say, “Oh poop!”


At first my hubby thought it was awesome that he got to talk so much more.  Then he thought that my impromptu charades were kind of cute.  Now, he’s feeling more like I am–deeply annoyed by the whole thing.  There’s nothing like having to find scrap paper and a pen to put an end to small talk.  And I’ve had the joy of having to listen in on conference calls and then text somebody to be my voice on the call.  All I can say is that as frustrated as I am with being sick, I am deeply grateful for all the help my friends and family have offered me, and for how incredibly gracious people have been about allowing me to reschedule things.

Speaking of gracious and wonderful people, I have to thank the wonderful Anne Cuthbert who has allowed me to switch teleseminar times with her.  (Anne is a super classy and extremely wonderful woman!)  So now, God and vocal chords-willing, I will be speaking on Thursday, January 24 at 5 PM PST instead of my previously scheduled time.  Please show Anne how much you appreciate her being so incredibly accommodating, and check out her seminar tomorrow at 5PM PST.  You can register for both seminars HERE.

You also may want to lace up your sneakers for our special Fit Fatties Across America challenge for the week.  We’re going to try to make it all the way to San Jose in time for A Fatty Affair this Saturday.  We’re already in Colorado, but we have over 1,300 miles to go in order to hit our target.  Don’t forget to enter your time or miles in THIS FORM on the Fit Fatties Forum.  California here we come!

It is so true, that we seldom truly appreciate things until they are gone.  I miss my ability to sing and squawk and make all kinds of noises out there in the world, and am looking forward to an opportunity to do that again soon.  In the meantime, I guess I will have to make do with my written words and a video of a death metal squawking rooster.



The Fat Chick

Thursday Theater: S’wonderful Life!


Recently a dear friend of mine sent me a holiday card that he created using JibJab.  It’s a fun and very brief synopsis of one of my very favorite holiday movies, It’s a Wonderful Life.  But in my friend’s version I get to play a starring role!  (Still waiting for my residuals and my listing on imdb.com though…)  To check out the video, check HERE.

Now this is one of those movies that makes me cry every single time I watch it.  Even this very short and funny parody reminds me of my usual state when Zuzu’s bell rings–with either three hankies or one whole box of tissues wringing wet from my soppy response.

We all have our George Bailey moments.  We wind up crying in our beer at Guiseppe Martini’s place and wishing we’d never been born.  But just for now, would you please allow me to play a different role in the movie?  Let me play Clarence.  Let me earn my wings as I tell you something important.

Even when you think you’ve screwed up, even when you think you don’t measure up, please remember that the world is a much better place with you in it.  Not because of how much money you’ve earned, not because you’ve finally reached that magic goal weight that you always wanted to attain, not because of how many sit ups you did or how you look in your skinny jeans, but just because of who you are.

You are like the stone dropping in the center of the pond.  You may make a tiny splash at first.  But in time, your kindness and intelligence and wisdom and strength ripple outwards and outwards and on and on.  You are probably aware of only a tiny fraction of the lives you’ve touched and the world you’ve made a better place.  Your awareness of your own awesomeness is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg–with over 80 percent of your fabulousity lying deep under the surface.

So let’s end the film together, shall we?  Let’s run through the streets, shouting like crazy people who are just happy to be alive.  Let’s imagine a holiday filled with loved ones who surround us and support us.  Let’s imagine a holiday where we understand that we are, in the ways that are important, the richest people in town.

Wait–what’s that?  Is that a bell I hear ringing?  ‘Scuse me while I grab another hanky.


The Fat Chick