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Feel Like Your Fitness Efforts Have Flopped? (Corgi Inspiration Porn)

We’ve all been there.  You put on your best fitness gear, you lace up your sneakers or pump up your bike tires or struggle into your swimsuit (a workout in itself) and head out with trepidation to try something new.  Like the little corgie in the video above, we watch our lab buddy get a running start and leap gracefully and effortlessly into exercise.  But when we try it, well, we don’t look quite so graceful.  Sometimes even well-meaning people we love at us laugh a little bit.  And it makes us shy.  It makes us hesitant to hop in again.

Sometime after a time we will look more graceful as we attempt that form of fitness.  And sometimes, like our little corgi buddy, we just aren’t built to sail gracefully into the sea.  It just isn’t in the genes.  Does that mean we stay dry on the dock?  Do we decide to spend our lives watching the labs get all the tennis balls from our safe spot on the sand?  That depends?

Do you like tennis balls?  Do you like getting wet?  Do you have somebody who can fish you out of the water if you get over your head.  Is jumping in the water in any way at all fun?

If so, I say do as our corgi pal does and just jump in again.  Who cares if somebody laughs.  You got the dang tennis ball, right.  So you just tell the one in the bikini to stop giggling and just throw the bloody ball already, lady!

If tennis balls are not your thing, and you’d rather stay dry that is also cool.  But whatever you choose, I strongly encourage you to not compare yourself to the lab who would look equally silly trying to herd sheep.  And if you want to jump in and get the tennis ball, then do it.  Run down that dock, ignore all the giggling and just leap.

It’s up to you.


Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick)

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Smart Enough to Laugh at Myself?

The other day I saw this picture and I laughed out loud. I mean clearly this is a picture of a smart dude. This guy is one of the greatest theoretical scientists like, ever. There is no doubt that his contribution to science is epic. But here he is wearing big, fluffy, fuzzy slippers and clearly having a bit of a laugh about himself. And I thought, yup Einstein was a smart guy. He was even smart enough to laugh at himself.

And it made me think. I used to laugh at myself all the time. I used to wear big floppy hats in public and sing out loud in convertibles and dance on the sidewalk and wear men’s clothing sometimes just for the heck of it. I dared the universe to look at me funny. I just did what I felt like and told the world they could like it or lump it.

But somewhere along the way, I think I got a little too serious about myself. I started worrying a lot more about what people might think of me. I bought nice clothes—sometimes because I liked them, but also as protective coloring to allow me to blend in. I got quieter and smaller. I tried to be less a target.

But now, as I get older, I’ve gotten bolder. I’ve got pictures of me in feather boas with the words “The Fat Chick” underneath. I wear purple. I smile big. I dance in public. Because I’m learning again not to take myself quite so seriously. I’m relearning how to laugh at myself.

So my little chicklettes, I dare you to do something loud and crazy and goofy today! Put on a big floppy hat. Sing out loud in a convertible with the top down. Dance on the beach. Weave flowers in your hair. Feel the freedom of having a little giggle at yourself.


The Fat Chick