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Why do we pay good money to feel bad?

Look, you can buy your very own "Food Police" cookie jar.  Click to watch the video...

Look, you can buy your very own “Food Police” cookie jar. Click to watch the video…

Okay, I was reading through my email and I came across a wonderful new app that checks your BMI and hurls insults at you if you gain weight.  Yup, drink an extra glass of water and this wonderful app might say things like, “Greetings, chubby human,” “Smile, meatbag” and “Prepare yourself to be judged”.  Please note that there is NO WAY I’m going to link to this app or even tell you the name of this app on my blog.  The dude who created this nonsense is already getting way too much attention and I won’t add to his traffic.  But I’ll just drop off this here screen shot to give you an idea about just how awesome this thing is:

meatbagNice.  And this bozo (who conveniently places his press kit front and center on this site) is actually charging cash monies for this.  Now I recognize a good attention-grabbing publicity stunt when I see it.  And this “bad boy” has already garnered plenty of media attention.  I’m not sure that he really has any intention of helping people at all.  However, this approach to health and wellness is hardly new.  Just check out the talking “cop” cookie jar in the video above.  When you open the lid, the cookie jar says, “Stop!  Step away from the cookie jar!”  (Click the photo above to see the video).  Wow, your very own, battery-operated, food police–available 24-7 from your very own kitchen.  You can also get a pig-shaped cookie jar that oinks at you when you open it.  And now you can even buy bed linens that fat shame you.  How neat!

Yay, fat shaming while you sleep!

Why do we do this to ourselves?  As I have said, literally a gazillion times on this very blog, shame does not make us happier, healthier or thinner.  Shame makes us gain weight and engage in more dangerous behaviors.  So why do we pay for the privilege of being electronically shamed?  It’s not enough to face shame from friends, family, coworkers, medical professionals, the television shows we watch, the magazines we read, and virtually every other corner of the entire universe?

And even if we refrain from buying fat-shaming apps and cookware, are we free from paying good money for shaming ourselves?  How many of the magazines we subscribe to have fat shaming messages in them?  How many negative body images come to us each day as a result of the cable subscription?  And even if we aren’t paying for those things, how often have we purchased expensive healthy foods, extensive long-term gym contracts and overpriced and cumbersome exercise equipment with the notion that if we pay for it, we will feel guilty enough to use it?  How did that work out for you last time?  Still drying your unmentionables on the treadmill downstairs?  You’re not alone.  You almost can’t give away a used exercise bike or treadmill on Craigslist any more.

And in case, somehow the previous gazillion mentions were in some way unclear, here it is again:

Shame does not help.  Not at all.  Not even if it talks to you in a hokey electronic voice.  Not even if you pay good money for it.

Love, Jeanette (AKA The Fat Chick)

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Stuff That Weighs More Than Me: World’s Largest Treadmill


In honor of yesterday’s post about exercise equipment, today I present, the world’s largest treadmill.  Apparently this huge piece of gear was originally designed to be used by Maggie, an elephant at the Alaska Zoo.  Being the only elephant in Alaska, Maggie was lonely.  So what did the zookeepers do?  They had a treadmill custom created for her to run on.  This worked about as well as can be expected (Maggie wanted nothing to do with it).  So what to do?  A depressed pachyderm who doesn’t want to exercise and a $100,000 treadmill that nobody is using.  First the Alaska Zoo got Maggie a new home at an animal sanctuary in Northern California.  To which I say, good on yer Maggie.  Way to hold out the big prize.  And then The Alaska Zoo did what we all do with our old treadmills–tried to sell it on Craigslist.  But given the fact that this treadmill is 5 feet wide and 22 feet long, there weren’t a lot of takers.  (Can you imagine how many hand washable pieces of lingerie you could dry on that thing?)

But this treadmill story has a happy ending.  It was acquired by four-time Iditarod winner Martin Buser.  He brought the behemoth to his place of business (Buser’s Happy Trails Kennes) and planned to modify the machine to train his teams of of racing dogs.  Buser thinks he can easily train an entire team of sled dogs at one time using the treadmill and is excited to use the treadmill to help track scientific data on his prized pups.

And here’s the stats:

Width: 5 ft.

Length: 22ft.

Weight: Over 10,000 pounds


1.  When you’re lovesick and blue, do NOT accept a treadmill.  Hold out for a vacation somewhere warm. 

2.  One of the hardest things to shift in the universe is a used treadmill.

3.  The World’s Largest Treadmill weighs more than me.