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Well a few weeks back, I issued a nudity challenge to y’all and I thought I’d check back with you to see the results.  As promised, I spent 15 minutes per day in the buff, and I’d have to say, after getting over the initial discomfort, I enjoyed it!  It proved a challenge at times.  I had to really do some careful scheduling when we headed out for the Church Choir summit for 2 days.  I also had to learn to keep a robe near by as my nakee time was when the front doorbell inevitably rang.  Mailmen, neighbors, telephone book delivery people–you name it, they knocked.  I was starting to suspect a conspiracy y’all.

Initially this was a challenge for me as I am still learning to love my body and also come from a Catholic, Midwestern upbringing which tends to discourage nudity for any reason.  But after a while, I learned to enjoy the experience of feeling the air conditioning on my skin as my body dried from the bath.  And for the last two weeks with temperatures soaring well over 100 degrees, it was a time of welcome relief.  I got to think of my body not as a sex object or a reason to be shamed, but simply a part of what made me, well, me.  How about you?  Did you try it?  What did you learn about yourself?

You know, if you are in any way interested in skin, I would like to invite you to the More Cabaret Gimme More! Show this Sunday.   Ragen Chastain and the More Cabaret girls will be showing some skin and performing a whole lot of hip shaking, toe tapping fun!  They will be accompanied by a whole host of other performers.  I’ll be singing a few songs.   And guess what?!  You can see it all online with our live streamed version.  We’ll be live right HERE starting at about 6 PM PST tomorrow night.

Can’t wait to see you!


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The right to bare arms

In my previous post declaring body independence I asserted “I have the right to expose my fleshy arms as I embrace my freedom”. And I firmly believe this. Yet I sometimes still have trouble doing it. I am now coming to love my upper arms after a long time of disenchantment. I have what my dear friend calls “hello-goodbye arms” (because they just keep on waving). But you know what? It’s HOT out there! I don’t like hot and I certainly don’t like wearing extra clothes when it’s hot. I’m coming to terms with my arms. Instead of “hello-goodbye arms”, I’ve got “guns” (pew, pew). I’ve got biceps. They are powerful and strong. I can lift babies. I can lift groceries. In fact my arms are almost strong enough to hoist my insecurities.

So my little chicklettes, ask yourself in these sweltering days? What gorgeous part of you are you hiding from the world? What are you keeping under wraps? Why not use this summer heat to shed a little insecurity, and just a little more clothing?

The Fat Chick