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Stuff That Weighs More Than Me: Edible Hotel Made of Cake!

Edible hotel-1773351YAY this marks my 400th blog post.  Woo Hoo! Let’s break out the bubbly!  And you know what goes great with champagne?  Cake!

Look out Hansel and Gretel, what we have here is an entire hotel made entirely of cake!  With walls and rugs made from homemade cookies, treasure chests created of marzipan and window sills made of fudge this is one suite with a serious sweet tooth!  This hotel within a hotel is located in central London.  It took an army of 14 chefs over 2,000 hours to bake and over 900 hours decorate the confection which includes windows and walls created from over 2,000 macaroons and a multicolored rug fashioned from 1,801 meringues.

The eight tasting rooms contain a variety of special features including a Caribbean-inspired room with a treasure chest with edible pearls and a South Pacific-inspired room complete with a Easter Island statue made entirely of chocolate mud cake which stands over two meters high!

It’s difficult to estimate the entire weight, but here are a few stats:

1. Number of rooms: 8

2.  Marshmallow Garlands: 20 kilos (over 40 lbs.)

3.  Edible Bunting: 10 meters long (over 30 ft.)

4.  Sugar used in the project: Over 600 Kilos (Over 1,322 pounds)

Conclusion: The Soho London Hotel made completely out of cake weighs more than me!

Another year older…

Okay, sorry kids.  The blog post is late today.  But I have an excuse.  You see I’m another year older.  Well technically, I’m only one day older than yesterday.  But I just celebrated the dreaded B-day with all the accompanying happy wishes on Facebook and desolate dread surrounding my own mortality.

Don’t get me wrong.  Birthdays can be awesome.  But they are also a reminder that another year has passed that I will never get back again.  And I like to think it’s a kick my pants reminding me to go out there and DO what I was put on this earth to do.  Because darlin’, ain’t none of us gonna last forever.  We only get one go around.

One thing I was put on earth to do, is eat birthday cake.  I will do that.  Cake will happen.  Morbid thoughts will lessen.  My mood will brighten.

But the other thing I was put on earth to do is to encourage YOU my dear Chicklettes to get on out there and grab the brass ring.  Go out there and have a second helping of awesome because you only have one life and you should enjoy it to the very dregs.  Don’t let anything hold you back or anyone get in your way.  Oh and eat cake.  Cake is important.


The Fat Chick