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Stuff That Weighs More than Me: You Can Ring My (Liberty) Bell!

The Fat Chick Visits the Liberty Bell in the Land Of Brotherly Love and Cheesy Sandwiches

So often when I travel, I never manage to get out beyond the conference room, the convention center or even the hotel.  But on my recent trip to Philly, I was determined.  I was going to see that big, big bell.  And although it doesn’t look that large, brother it is HEAVY!  Not just with history and significance but also pure, unadulterated poundage.

Here’s some stats

Cast: In 1751 by Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London

Composition:  70% copper, 25% tin, 2% lead, 1% zinc, .25% arsenic and .20% silver with trace amounts of gold, magnesium, nickel and antimony

Tone: E-flat

Circumference: around the lip (bottom) of the Bell is 12 feet and around the crown (top) is 7 feet 6 inches.

Length: from the lip to the crown 3 feet and the height over the crown measures 2 feet 3 inches.

Thickness: of the Liberty Bell at the lip is 3 inches and, at the crown, the thickness is 1.25 inches.

Clapper: measures 3 feet 2 inches and weighs 44.5 pounds.
Total Weight: 2,080 lbs.

Conclusion: The Liberty Bell weighs more than me

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Stuff that Weighs More than Me: The Big Suit

Here’s yet another of the wonderful sculptures at the St. Louis City Garden.  This behemoth by artist Erwin Wurm is simply titled, “Big Suit”.  Despite it’s soft, pastel colors, (and the fact there’s no dude in the suit) this bad boy is heavy.  That’s probably why aluminum never really caught as a textile for garments.  Here’s the stats:

Material: Painted Aluminum
Dimensions: 300 x 130 x 73 cm (118 x 51 x 29 in) 
Height: Nearly 10 feet
Shirt Size 144 Long
Estimated Weight: 1 short ton

Conclusion: The Big Suit weighs more than me. 
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Things That Weigh More Than Me: Super Fun, Tons of Buns!


While these bunnies may look soft and fluffy, they are anything but.  These colossal cuties (by Dutch artist Tom Claassen) are on display at the Citygarden in St. Louis.  I am pictured whispering into the ear of the taller of the two.   These bunnies are cast in bronze and then covered with white enamel paint.  So while they look marshmallows, these are some seriously heavy rabbits. 
Here’s the stats:
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: Bun 1—87”x61”x55”, Bun 2–63″x68″x45″
Weight: I don’t specific weight data, but at over 7 feet tall, I think we can safely calculate over a ton of buns!
Conclusion: Tom Claassen’s fluffy bunnies weight more than me.

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Stuff that Weighs More Than Me: Safe!


This safe door was built in St. Louis, then installed in a bank in the “Loop Building” in Chicago and then rescued from demolition, brought back to St. Louis and installed in the unbelievably awesome City Museum.  This used to be one of my regular haunts when we had our office on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.  It is totally filled with stuff kids love and stuff that makes you feel like a kid again.  If you ever make it to St. Louis, first see the City Museum, then see the arch if you have time.  It’s that good.
And this is one honey of a door!  Here’s the stats:
Height: Over 10 feet
Width: Over 10 feet
Thickness: Over 2 feet
Weight: Over 3000 pounds
Conclusion: The “safe door” entrance to the vault room at City Museum weighs more than me.
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Stuff that Weighs More than Me: World’s Biggest Cupcake

Normally we think of a cupcake as something sweet and diminutive.  Even cute.  But not THIS bad boy.  Introducing the World’s largest cupcake recently unveiled in Detroit, Michigan.  (Thanks Kat for sharing it on FB–at least virtually.)  Just take a gander at this recipe:
serves a whole lot
200 lbs. sugar
200 lbs. flour
200 lbs. butter
800 eggs

Mix in a really, really big bowl and bake for over 12 hours or until giant toothpick comes out clean.  Let cool completely.  (This could take a while.)  Cover with a small mountain of custard and frosting.

Here’s a few more stats:
Circumference: 11 ft.
Oven Door Size: 8ft. x 8ft.
Weight: 1,224 lbs.
Conclusion: The world’s largest cupcake weighs more than me.  (It’s probably a little sweeter than me, too!)