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Stuff that Weighs More Than Me: Really Big Bed Sculpture

In honor of trying to get more sleep during the holidays, I’ve been thinking about beds.  And this my friends is a BIG one.  This famous sculpture, entitled “In Bed” is by artist Ron Mueck.  And however big I may feel, I’m pretty sure I’m not as big as THIS lady:

Materials:  Polyester resin, fiberglass, polyurethane, horse hair and cotton
Width: 5.5 ft.
Length: Over 20 ft.
Weight: Unknown, but I’m guessing that  a 20 ft. tall woman weighs more than me.
Conclusion: This woman “In Bed” weighs more than me.

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Stuff that Weighs More than Me: Elephant

Elephants are big.  REALLY big.  In current terms, they are the largest land animal.  I mean, these puppies weigh 200 – 250 lbs. when they’re born!  And they can run pretty fast too.  (Good thing I got a head start!)  Here’s the stats:

Height: Up to 13 ft.
Daily Food Intake: Hundreds of pounds
Daily Water Intake: About 50 gallons
Weight: Up to about 8 tons

Conclusion: An elephant weighs more than me.  However, I understand some of them can still do ballet: (Edna the Elephant).

P.S. I probably won’t be seeing any elephants on my upcoming camping trip.  But I’ll be sure to let you know what interesting critters I do see…