P.A.D.S Saturday will make you “Happy”

If you are wondering what PADS stands for, it is:
Acts of

And for our very first PADS Saturday, we have this totally epic dance to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy”. This kid decided to bust a move at the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s basketball tournament last Friday. Since then his crowd-pleasing spontaneous boogie has gone viral, and why not. This kid has got some epic moves.

You’ve got the boogie down the steps. You’ve got the point. You’ve got hand claps up, down, behind and under the leg. And you’ve got the layback dance down. This kid is totally and completely committed to this groove, and for that, I salute him. You danced that like a boss! You totally earned the ovation you got at the end.

The dance has garnered so much attention, that word got to Pharrell Williams who reportedly said, “He experienced no limits. Every kid needs to know they all possess the potential to access that feeling.”

That, my friends, is what PADS is all about. It’s about seizing the moment.  It’s about letting joy overwhelm you.  It’s about parking shame at the door and not worrying about what anybody has to say.  It’s about fully committing, I mean really GOING FOR IT–damn the torpedoes.

So what can basketball Happy dancing kid inspire you to do today?  If you get a crazy idea, and ACT on it, I want to hear about it right here in the comments.  Extra bonus points for photos and videos.


Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick)

5 thoughts on “P.A.D.S Saturday will make you “Happy”

  1. lusciouswords

    I am grinning after watching this. He was having a blast and was not going to let anything or anyone deter him from enjoying the moment. We need many, many more PADS moments in the world. 🙂

  2. Terrie Burbs

    In the morning I’m a radio DJ and in the afternoon, I work for the local school district. Yesterday was the start of spring break and the office had music playing over the intercom system. As I go to get my gear for crossing guard, I have to walk past the first graders as they get ready to go home. We all started dancing to the music. It was wonderful. I hope the office does that more often. ~terrie b~ ,,=^.^=,,

  3. GlenysO

    I have long been a fan of PADS so this made me super happy! This kid rocks SO much – I’m going to have to steal some of this dance moves. Thanks for posting!


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