Stuff that Weighs More Than Me: Giant Frozen Poo Sculpture


Oh my goodness.  Once I saw this posted on my friend Kathleen’s wall, I just knew what I was going to use for my Friday blog post this week.  I mean it’s got everything!  It’s a sculpture, and it’s frozen and it’s made of cow poop!  It’s in Russia, and it depicts a king cobra just in time for (wait for it) the Year of the Snake.

And lest you think this is the first of its kind, it appears that the artist, Mikhail Bopposov is a serial scat sculptor.  Apparently Mikhail has previously created a poop tank, and a winged serpent to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

He’s practicing up for next year which will be the Year of the Horse.  At least I know that I won’t run out of blog, um, material for a while.

Anyways, here’s the stats (that I could find…)

Subject: King Cobra

Materials: Cow dung (“balbalkh” as it is known in his native Yakut language) contributed from Mikhail’s 17 cows.

Weight: 880 pounds

Conclusion: The world’s largest poo sculpture weighs more than me.

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