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AirForceOneHalfHere’s another submission from my awesome traveling friend Donna.  She was recently visiting the Lydon B. Johnson National Historical Park outside of Johnson City, Texas when she ran across this beauty.  It seems that Johnson had a large airstrip built at his ranch (which he often referred to as his “Western White House”.)  The airstrip was large enough to accommodate the traditional Air Force One plane.  But sometimes Johnson preferred to fly in this smaller plane–also officially called “Air Force One” but affectionately dubbed “Air Force One Half” by Johnson himself.  The plane was recently rescued from an airstrip in Arizona and the outside was restored to its former glory.  The plane was installed at the Lydon B. Johnson National Historical park on what would have been LBJ’s 102nd birthday.

The plane is a Lockheed Jet Star which is the first dedicated business jet to enter service.  The plane seats 10…

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