Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  It brings blessed relief from the hot yucky weather of summer.  The leaves put on a fabulously seasonal fashion show.  It’s time for the fireplace and some hot tea and snuggling.

Now I am a firm believer in SAES (Snuggle At Every Size), but I also believe that each of us should publicly claim our special talents.  False modesty aside, I am warm, and soft and cuddly.  And frankly, if there was a James Bond Girl/Super Friends Action Heroine of Snuggling, well that would be me.  I love it, and I am GOOD at it.

In order to be a great snuggler, you need a few tools of the trade.  You need tea.  You need soft blankies.  You need warm, fuzzy, jammies.  And you need to understand the Zen art of hunkering down and staying quite still for a while.  Some people need a good book or a good movie to stay still.  More advanced student snugglers can get away with candlelight and music.  But the real, professional-level snugglers need only cool weather, a jug of wine and thou.  (Well, the thou is optional.)

My very, very favorite snuggling though is Saturday, back to sleep, sandwich snuggling.  That’s when I get done teaching my class and I decide to take the rest of the day off.  I take a bath and get back into my jammies.  Then I crawl back into bed with my handsome husband and my big fluffy dog and cuddle in for some serious shut-eye.  (What is it about back-to-sleep sleep that is sooooo delicious?)

Oh dear, the power of suggestion is overwhelming.  I think I’ll–*yawn* take a bath and see you lat—-zzzzzzz.

(love The Fat Chick).

2 thoughts on “Snuggle

  1. bj1980

    We need to live in a world with Snuggling Cafes. Nothing dirty going on, you just get a nice big hug with your beverage and snackie.


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