Stuff that Weighs More than Me: World’s Heaviest Limo

Okay kids, this ride goes way beyond your average stretch limo and even puts those stretch Hummers to shame.  This bad boy is HUGE.  Towed by a 440 horsepower semi, the trailer rides smoothly on 22 wheels.   The Midnight Rider boasts a bar, three separate lounges and sports a crew of five including a driver, a co-driver, a hostess and two bartenders.  You’ll never get bored on this thing as each of the lounges is equipped with a large screen television and high isolation entertainment system, with satellite television, movies, music, & live feed capabilities.  Going to the prom?  You could probably carry half your graduating class!  This rolling wonder can comfortably host you and 39 of your closest friends.  Heck, I’m ready to grab my cell phone and move in to this thing!

Here’s the stats:

Width: 8 ft., 5 in.

Height: 13 ft., 8 in.

Length: 70 ft.

Turning Radius: 48 ft.

Area: 460 square ft.

Weight: 25.5 tons

Check out the video here:

Conclusion: The world’s largest limo weighs more than me.

And, party on Wayne, party on!


The Fat Chick

1 thought on “Stuff that Weighs More than Me: World’s Heaviest Limo

  1. Lael

    Hehehe Party On, Wayne 🙂 I swear I saw that movie 20 times back in the day!
    That’s a prety sweet machine, my husband drives truck. I’m sure he’d be impressed too.


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