Exercise Animals: Yoga Kitteh Purrfects Relaxation

Kitteh Yoga!

This kitteh has purrfected the art of relaxation.  How about you?  You can join us for a relaxing day at the upcoming NAAFA-LA Pamper Party in honor of International No Diet Day on May 6.  If you’re in the Southern California Area, send me an email at jeanette@thefatchick.com and I’ll give you details to visit us in person.  If you’re not in CA do not despair!  You can still join us for a relaxing stretch, fashion tips, makeup demonstrations, progressive relaxation meditation, super fun art projects and more via our live stream which will be hosted at http://www.thefatchick.com.  Whatever you do my little chicklettes, don’t miss an opportunity to take a little time to take care of you!


The Fat Chick

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