Yee Haw!

That foreground shadow–that’s me on Fremont Street in Las Vegas during the BBW Bash last week.  For those of you who don’t know, the BBW Vegas Bash is one amazing party!  I had a great time in Sin City over the weekend.   And I thought I’d include a picture of the neon Glitter Gulch Gal from Fremont St. because THAT girl obviously knows how rock a western outfit AND have a good time.  And at over 20ft. tall, she doesn’t seem to be letting her size get in the way of living her life to the very fullest!  So my little chicklettes, I think it’s time to take yourself out and paint the town red (or whatever color you like).  Have fun.  Score some slightly racy and exciting pictures to post on facebook!  And don’t forget to send me an email and tell me all about it.

The Fat Chick

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