Coming out of the Desert

Sometimes writing a book can seem like crossing a long, barren desert.  It’s a solitary pursuit.  Often you stagger around and encounter no one.  You just step over the bleached bones of the authors who fell before you.  Sometimes you think you will never see green or water again.  And then, you see the other side.  There’s trees, and grass and cool, cool water.  That’s what this book signing was for me.  An oasis.  A moment of rest and nourishment after a long, long haul.  I gotta tell you, it feels pretty good.

I hosted the book signing today at my favorite coffee shop–Joe’s Place.  I sat right in MY chair.  The very chair where I spend many hours, days and weeks with my trusty Mac laptop and an extra large, black, decaf coffee.  Many of my students and dear friends came by to get an autographed copy.  They were thrilled for me.  And their excitement allowed it to soak in.  I’m no longer considering the concept of thinking about maybe someday writing a book.  I WROTE the blessed thing. I have a copy in my hand.  I’ve crossed over to the long dreamed of moment where, sharpie in hand I’ve signed my name on the inside front cover and become an author.  And the balmy moist breezes blew over the watering hole and I said, Ahhhhhh.

So hang in there my little chickadees.  You’re nearer the oasis then you think.  See you at the watering hole.

The Fat Chick

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