Stuff that Weighs More than Me: Four Really, Really Big Beds

A recent promotion hosted by IHG to celebrate a free hotel room giveaway featured the “World’s Largest Bed Jump.”  With over 20,000 participants bouncing in four different cities in 4 separate countries, (Shanghai, New York, London and Paris) this was clearly more than your average adolescent pillow fight.  And the centerpiece of this promotion?  Four absolutely humongous beds.  Here’s the Stats:

Bed Dimensions: 42 feet x 28 feet
Mattresses: 30 double mattresses
Duvet: Large enough to cover 65 regular double beds
Construction Materials:

  • 6 tons of steel
  • 2,200 pounds of wood
  • Over 200,000 nuts and bolts

Total Weight: About 8 tons
Conclusion: Those really, really big beds weigh more than me.

Want to hear more about who’s jumping into the sack?  Click HERE to hear about fat chicks hopping into the sack!

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