Stuff that Weighs More than Me: A Pearson Triton Sailboat

Meet the Pearson Triton, one of the earliest production fiberglass sailboats.  It looks thin and graceful, but she’s got some poundage in the water folks.   Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m thinking about sailboats go check out my post on Fat Chick Sings.  Here’s the boat stats:

Length: 28′-6″
Width: 20′-6″
Beam: 8′-3″
Draft: 4′-6″
Ballast: 3019 lb (Lead)
Sail Area (100%): 362 sq ft (33.6 m2)

Displacement: 6900 – 8000 lb. (Approx)

Conclusion:  The Pearson Triton weighs more than me.  (She’s also prettier than me, but oh well…)

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