Coping with Panic: Flight

When we are in panic mode, our bodies are urgently prepared for fight or flight.  And while you may be tempted to fight–especially if there’s some dunderhead that made some stupid comment about your weight that got this whole panic thing started, that’s rarely a sensible course.

Actual flight is probably not a resonable course either.  (At least, I find most conditions that cause me to be airborne don’t end well).  But a simple walk away from the trigger or just for the sake of walking can be a very useful initial coping technique.

In order to move beyond the initial mental cloudiness of panic, we’ve got to get some of that adrenaline out of our systems.  And one of the fastest, safest and most productive ways to do this is to take a little walk.  (Sex is great too, but I personally don’t feel very amorous in the middle of this type of situation).  Just put on some tennis shoes or other comfortable footwear and head out the door.  Spend a little of that energy getting away by yourself and breathing deeply.  If you can walk safely outside, this is best.  The fresh air will help you.  But even if you can’t walk outside, just take your fear and your panic and take a little hike.  Walk fast at first, and then allow your walking and your breathing and your mind to slow down.  This allows your adrenalin to do something useful instead of just being stored in your body.  It allows your body to do what you primed it all up to do in a safe and healthy environment. 

So  next time you feel like the world is about to end, lace up your shoes and head out yonder.  You’ll feel better, I promise.

The Fat Chick

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